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PFMRC Prakas 28-Jul-2004 No. 218 MEF Download
Decision on the establishment of GSC Download
Budget Law 2008 Download
Prakas on new role promotion of Chairman of PFMSC Download
Prakas 8-Oct-2008 No. 1001 MEF Download
Prakas 19-Feb-2008 No. 122 MEF Download
Prakas 19-Feb-2008 No. 120 MEF Download
2009 Prakas 05-Mar-2009 No. 219MEF Download
Prakas on Roll Out of Manual of Budget Entity Preparation and Implementation Download
BS 2013-2020 Download
Prakas No. 189 new Budget Code with annexes-Latest (22-02-13) Download
Prakas No. 211 on CoA with annexes-Latest (04-03-13) Download
Prakas No. 720 Budget 25-07-2013 Download
Prakas GDSNAS-MEF-No. 1309 05-Dec-2013 Download
Prakas No 1500 Dec-25-2013 Download
Prakas on CoA2013-No 211-4Mar13-with annexes-Latest Download
Subdecree No. 468 06-Aug-2013 Download
Subdegree No 426 BK 19-June-2013 Download
Prakas MEF No1911 31-Dec-2014 Download
Prakas on Full PB Implement 02-Jan-2014 Download
Prakas on Procedure and Regulation on Mission Remuneration Download
Prakas PFM-MEF No. 223 5-Feb-2014 Download
Sub-Decree PFM No. 23 17-Jan-2014 Download
Sub-Decree PFM No. 24 17-Jan-2014 Download
Circular 006 29-Apr-2015 Download
Circular on PFM M&E No.09 08-Dec-2015 Download
Prakas MEF No. 242 27-Feb-2015 Download
Sub-National Mission No. 830 17-Jul-2015 Download
2016 Prakas No. 048 25-Apr-2016 Download
2023 Draft Law on Finance for Management 2024 (27 Oct 2023) Download

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