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Message from General Secretary of the GSC


The Royal Government of Cambodia always pay attention and sets reform programs as a key policy tool for addressing challenges and creating new opportunities for progress and prosperity. In this spirit, the Royal Government of Cambodia has initiated the preparation and implementation of many reforms in the public sector, especially the Public Financial Management Reform Program, the National Program of Public Administration Reform, and the Reform Program for Sustainable Development at the Sub-National Level. 


Our public financial management reform has clearly indicated that this reform work is the only right path that the Royal Government of Cambodia has chosen to operate in a strict and firm manner with a realistic vision: "Reform is alive, not reforming is dead." So we really had no choice other than to try to overcome the difficulties and obstacles at all costs to develop leadership abilities and management operations on public financial management, with a consistent sense of ownership and responsibility for the reform targets set with the conscience of the urgency of an ambitious and realistic Public Financial Management Reform in the cause we serve higher national interests and citizens. 


Currently, policies, strategies and action plans are defined in the Rectangular Strategy of the Royal Government and in the National Strategic Development Plan, but at the sector and level, the ministries and agencies need to improve and strengthen the policy, strategy and action plans, to ensure policy alignment. Joint Strategy and Action Plan of the Government as well as to ensure the accuracy and clarity of measurable results or performance. In Phase 3, the medium-term budgetary framework, including medium-term revenue framework and medium term expenditure framework of medium-term public finance policy will be prepared for adoption by the Commission Ministers, meanwhile, preparation and implementation of the strategic plan budgets of individual ministries and institutions effectively purifying efficiency and accountability.

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