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The action plans have been established and treated as a “Living Document” which should be flexible, can be improved, and modified based on the implementation circumstantial through the PFM management mechanism and frameworks. These documents are as follows:

  • Consolidated Action Plan (CAP)of the RG is the Public Financial Management Reform Program – Stage 2 document. This document is the primary document which defines long term vision and activities of the RG to guide the implementation which included management and monitoring indicator frameworks as well as clear indicators and targets.
  • General Departmental Action Plans (GDAPs)of the MEF which presents activities and detailed actions by Directorates, Departments, and entities within the MEF. These detailed DAPs were developed and to be implemented by each Directorate, Department, and entity with their ownerships and responsibilities and under direct leadership and management of the PFMRC of the MEF.
  • Ministry Action Plans (MAPs) of LMs and agencies in which all LMs and agencies have to develop based on CAP and DAPs. Some of this work can be initiated by them immediately, but most will depend on initial actions to be taken by MEF to which they will be asked to respond. They will be given initial briefings on the nature of their contribution in specific areas.
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